About W. P. Rupasinghe & Company

Established in 1975 W. P. Rupasinghe & Company, is the current leader of Real-estate development in Sri Lanka. The reason why W. P. Rupasinghe & Company could come such a long way withing a small period of time was the quality of their products. Each and every Rupasinghe land goes through a vigilant selection process before they are purchased, which in-return enables us to provide our customers with hassle free land to build their dream homes.

"W. P. Rupasinghe & Company has always emphasized on professionalism. Our customers are the primary component to our success and growth. We’ve worked very hard over the years to build our reputation as a company which is fair, honest, knowledgeable and a company which genuinely care about the community."
-W. P. Rupasinghe, Chairman / Founder , W. P. Rupasinghe & Company

Ingredients of Success

A PRODUCT Unblemished

Our product is the heart of our operation. The quality of our lands is the trademark of our business. Once a land is carefully chosen and purchased we make it our responsibility to make sure that land has all desired facilities. Entry roads from the main roads, and roads inside the lands, water supply, electricity and each and every minute detail will be ably attend. After equipping Lands with all the above mentioned and more facilities, we make sure that all our land prices are fair and affordable.

A TEAM Unmatched

Our team is the backbone of our operation. Led by Our CEO Mr. T.L. Rupasinghe, we have an educated and highly capable team of proactive individuals. Their efficiency at work and speedy reaction times give us a genuine edge over our competitors. They are equipped with the best professional tools which boosts their efficiency, thus making them the best Real-estate development team currently operating in Sri Lanka.

A GOAL Unchallenged

Since 1975 W. P. Rupasinghe & Company, has worked having the goal in mind of, providing the Sri Lankan public with a quality land at an affordable price to build their dream home. For more than 3 decades we have worked in order to achieve that goal. We are delighted to state that so far we have been quite successful in our journey and we hope be able to continue the good work for many years to come.