Lands Listing

  • Situated within 50m from main road, Sumer Garden is a very residential land in Batapotha aria.

  • Very close to Kotugoda town, Nadagamuwa Walaw-waththa is a very residential land in Kotugoda aria.

  • Situated within 200m from Kotadeniyawa town, Berchinton Estate is a very affordable residential land.

  • Situated facing the Meerigama main road, Loluwagoda Sampath Uyana is land close to Giriulla town.

  • Facing a beautiful paddy field, Kotadeniyawa Wela Addara is a very residential land located facing Kotadeniyawa and Meerigama main road.

  • Ovilana Waththa in Urapola

    Facing the main road, Urapola Ovilana Waththa is a residential land close to Urapola town.

  • Wathurugama Sathutu Uyana is a good residential land within 100m to the Yakkala - Wathurugama Main road.

  • Muthu Lannda in Kirindiwela

    Diyawala Muthu-lannda is a very affordable land with close proximity to Kirindiwala town.

  • Summer Garden in Kirindiwela

    Summer Garden is a lad with a very beautiful view of both paddy field and a mountain range.

  • Situated within 100m from main road, Mandawala Madang Uyana is a very reasonably priced land to build your new home.

  • Facing the Kirindiwala - delgoda main road, Lunugama polwaththa is a reasonably priced residential land in Dompe aria.

  • Only 50m from main road, Dekatana Royal Terrace is a reasonably priced land in Dompe aria.