The Rupasinghe Advantage

W. P. Rupasinghe & Co pays extra special attention when we select real estate to buy. Although there may be many lands available at a given time, there will only be very few lands with the desirable traits we look for: clear titles, suitable geographic locations for residential constructions, and most importantly, situated in close proximity to many modern day facilities. Since we purchase land outright, we have been able to buy the absolute best that the real estate market has to offer.

We have an in-house land development team. From clearing of the lands and road to drain construction, everything is done by our own  workforce. It enables us to do high-quality infrastructure development and allows us to cut down on construction time. 

We specialise in avoiding unnecessary extra costs and we pass the  benefit directly to our customers. We do not believe in spending an unnecessary amount even on marketing and sales promotions as we believe the overheads added only increase the price for our customers. When you buy a W. P. Rupasinghe Land, you are assured that you will be buying the highest-quality product at the lowest cost possible.  

Because we purchase lands outright and because we do not have sales and development agreements with landowners, we get the land title deeds transferred the same day that we make the purchase. This guarantees that you will be doing a direct purchase with us and not a third-party transaction. Also, our rigorous searching process assures that the lands we purchase have A-class title deeds without any title complications. Our customers’ peace of mind after they buy a piece of land from us is the most satisfying feeling for us.

Our Attractive Payment Schemes

We at W. P. Rupasinghe & Company provide you with 5 attractive payment schemes to suit you and your financial situation.

  • Payment of the full amount within 1 week will entitle you to a 5% Discount.
  • Payment of the full amount within 1 month will entitle you to a 4% Discount.
  • When you pay ⅓ (one third) of the full amount within a month, the balance amount can be paid free of interest within 3 months.
  • When you pay 25% of the full amount within a month, the balance amount will be payable at 12% interest per year within one year.
  • When you pay 50% of the full amount within a month, the balance amount will be payable at 12% interest per year within 5 years.

After Sale Service

We maintain an exceptionally clean and clear documentation process in W. P. Rupasinghe & Co. This allows you to get the necessary legal and government approval documents plus the relevant services to the land even after several years of buying the land from us.

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